Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-sale questions

So how exactly do I make a profit?
Your travel website will be ready to start making money from the moment TravelGuru set it up. TravelGuru have done all the research for you and work with the most lucrative travel affiliate programs having some of the best pay rates in the industry. You will receive cash for redirecting customers from your site to major travel sites such as,, etc., so the web technology (via the affiliate programs) literally turns your visitors into cash. Everything is on auto-pilot so your site will be making money every hour of the week through PPC (Paid-per-click) and PPS (Paid-per-sale).
Will I need my own business license in order to run my site?
Not at all. Anybody can run this type of website without a license due to the fact that you are basically a travel affiliate. In other words you are the middle-man who sends visitors to all the different travel providers. The suppliers pay you a commission as your earnings for driving traffic to them. Therefore no actual money transactions take place on your site meaning you will not require any form of license.
So what affiliate programs will my website use?
These are the affiliate programs that are implemented on your website: For Hotels – hotelscombined / travelpayouts / (depending on package) For Flights – For Cruises – (depending on package) For Car Rentals –
Is it completely free of charge to sign up to travel affiliate programs?
Yes, all chosen programs are completely free. There are no hidden costs and along with this it only requires a few minutes of your time to create an account with the affiliate providers.
Will I earn a commission when I convert a sale?
Your website is primarily set up to earn cash through PPC earnings on flights and hotel bookings, however it is also possible to earn extra when a visitor makes a purchase on the additional services. This can really boost your profits and make you considerable amounts of money. As an example if someone were to book a cruise package after browsing your website you should realistically expect to take 3.5% of the total cost as your earnings.
Will I have to stock up my store with lots of products?
No, your store will already be pre-loaded with a variety of real products. You will earn commissions through Amazon affiliate programs so you don’t need to worry whatsoever about shipping bought products or processing any purchases. Everything will be taken care of for you and any sales you manage to make can be tracked very easily in your personal Amazon account. You will also be able to withdraw your earnings straight to your bank account. The main thing to remember is, you are an affiliate. You earn commissions and receive a cut of the sales for leading visitors to suppliers. If someone purchases a product from the online store you earn up to 8.5% of the total sale cost.
How can I track what I’ve earned?
When you are signed up with the affiliate programs you create your own secure personal account with each provider. You will have your own username and password and you can monitor your visitor/customer statistics and track your earnings from your affiliate account dashboard. Earnings are usually paid out automatically into your bank or Paypal account at regular intervals or when a threshold level is reached.
Do I have to buy my own domain?
Yes, you will have to buy your own domain, when you purchase your domain hosting you will be given the option to purchase a domain name of your own choice.
Do I need any previous experience to run my website?
Most packages are built using the popular WordPress content management, which straightforward to update and maintain. The booking and payment processing side of the business is completely automated and brings you money without you really doing anything. The WordPress based packages are industry standard so depending on your own experience you can customize your travel site pretty much how you want.
Do TravelGuru set the website up for me?
If you purchase the Complete Installation Package the setup is all done for you without you needing to do anything. TravelGuru install everything and sort out the affiliate accounts for you. All you have to do is inform TravelGuru what your domain is and your web hosting and you will be good to go. Also you need to send over details of your affiliate accounts to ensure you are ready to start making money.
What costs are there involved with maintaining my travel website?
The only costs are buying your domain and web hosting. These are mandatory costs though as every online website needs a host and domain name in order to exist. Apart from that it’s up to you how much you want to spend on promoting your site.
Where do I get my web hosting and what type do I need?
Well first of all you don’t require any special kind of hosting although we suggest that Linux Shared Hosting with cPanel is adequate to begin with. There are dozens of good webhosting services to choose from, however we have used and recommend Siteground and found them to be reliable, with good customer service and generally a good company to work with. Price for Linux Shared Hosting is currently from only $2.75/pm.
How do I go about buying a domain name?
You can purchase them from many domain name providers but many webhosting providers make it easy to purchase a domain when you purchase your webhosting package.
What is all included in my package?
The standard package has all of the following: – New travel website – Popular destinations – Price comparison technology – Flight, Hotel, and Car Rental Bookings – Affiliate links Please see plans and pricing for a complete list of all package options.
Can my website be customized?
Definitely! Being WordPress based customization options are almost unlimited.
Can I see a working demo site?
Yes of course, you can take a look at the demos here: – Demo Site Can Google AdSense PPC ads be added to my website? Yes of course, you can definitely include Google ads to your site in order to earn you even more money. This isn’t included as part of the standard package but it is something that you could easily do yourself if you are familiar with WordPress and installing WordPress plugins.
Do I own complete ownership rights of my website?
Yes, this is because you are the full owner of your domain therefore own 100% of the site. This gives you the chance to sell your business at any given moment if you feel like it. However we highly recommend that you run the site for as long as possible and grow it to its full potential. You should wait as long as possible before selling it on to make the maximum profit.
Can I re-sell my website?
Yes as you have full ownership of the website it is yours to do whatever you like with it. You are basically investing in your website and trying to grow its value allowing you to re-sell it on Flippa or DigitalPoint if you choose. There is always a market for a fully functioning established travel business, everything is fully automated for them and ready to go so if you want to sell it that’s ok.

Purchasing Travel Guru

How do I purchase TravelGuru?
It’s simple, payments are all via Paypal which is trusted and secure but you don’t need to have a PayPal account to make payment. If you want to setup an account with Paypal you can register at their website All you need to do is link it to your bank account to get verified. It is the safest way to buy products online!
What happens when I have made my purchase?
After purchase TravelGuru will send you all the files and documentation and installation is a simple to follow process. If you purchase the full installation version of the package then you just need to give TravelGuru the go-ahead to begin constructing your website. They will need to know your domain name, affiliate details and web hosting details in order to proceed with the build process.

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