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Find out how to make some serious cash online by becoming a travel affiliate. You will have the opportunity to make some good money through promoting travel companies online as they are willing to pay top commission rates in the hope that they will remain competitive in the market. TravelGuru has the ability to get you prepared for your success and backs all clients with a spectacular team of experts to help support you along the way. If you want to be connected with the highest paying pay-per-click travel affiliate programs in order to maximize profits then TravelGuru is the answer.

PRO Travel Technology

TravelGuru have designed and developed an automated turnkey travel website which integrates with the most effective and efficient travel booking search engine available on the web today. They offer clients their own branded travel solution on their own domain name using their PRO Travel Technology in order to gain a foothold in the travel industry. With TravelGuru you will make a huge impact and stand out from the crowd due to the stunning web design and fully responsive web features.

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PPC money making methods

The TravelGuru website is set up utilizing PPC money making methods and linked to some of the highest paying affiliate programs in the industry. This means you will be making a healthy amount of money on complete auto-pilot. You gain money for each visitor on your site who clicks on to a listing as they are re-directed to a travel provider. You earn an even higher commission if the visitor makes a reservation with the provider so it’s important you attract plenty traffic.

Car Rentals

Pay per click methods work best here as many people will be comparing car rental deals through your site. Each time they view a different offer you earn even more as they are making multiple clicks. Another good benefit here is the fact that as you generate more sales your pay per click rate increases even further.


Pay per click affiliate programs earn you around $1 each time a visitor clicks on one of the hotels listed on your website. Higher paying providers may pay you anywhere up to $4 for a single click so there is certainly a good opportunity to earn a decent income. You can also earn more from the same customer as your visitors can click on as many hotels as they wish. You basically earn money as your visitors compare hotels and view the details on them.


Pay per click and pay per booking methods are integrated here to earn you money when people book flight tickets through your website. The site uses probably the best price comparison search engine currently available giving customers the widest choice of flights at the best prices while you earn commission each time a sale is made.

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We know how frustrating it can be building your own business from scratch with the high levels of competition. That is why TravelGuru offer you the chance to dismiss all of the heartache and jump straight into the deep end and they will help you every step of the way. Whenever you feel you are beginning to struggle, don’t hesitate to contact TravelGuru and ask any questions!

How do I get paid?

All of your affiliate accounts track your earnings and you can easily log into them to see how much you have earned. You will be able to see your average daily earnings and you can withdraw money straight into your bank account. There are various different payment methods with the majority of them accepting PayPal and some willing to send a check.

Remember everything is literally on auto-pilot making your website a money making machine! You should focus mainly on promoting your site and driving traffic towards it. Use social media sites to increase your audience and post on different travel blogs to make yourself known. People will start spreading the word about you so it won’t take long to get straight on the map. The key is to let your customers do the promoting for you! After all you are offering them some of the best possible deals on the planet!

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